Jane Foster’s board books


Jane Foster is an illustrator and a textile artist who has created a series of board books in order to introduce various topics to preschool readers. We have started collecting some of her books for sounds, an excellent choice for 1 year + and then we moved to her cities books which I believe are addressed to a little older readers, maybe toddlers. Still, my daughter enjoys immensely turning the pages on Paris and New York captivated by the vivid colours. On the other hand, my daughter loves chewing the sandcastle on the Summertime book so I am not sure if we can trust her but anyway since you are here and reading this, I would recommend Jane Foster’s books. Now, we look forward to getting the ABC and First Words in the near future since I browsed through them and I really liked them. Jane Foster has published 26 books by Templar Publishing the past five years.

We enjoyed the interesting topics, the funny retro drawings on each page and the bold colours that attract babies’ attention; her books have been a success in the UK also thanks to the large print words at the bottom of each page that are ideal for children who just start reading. A lot have already been translated to a number of languages besides one can find the original series a good resource for teaching English as a second language to young students.

Here’s a link to her blog and her instagram account to get all her latest news:




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