The Rabbit, The Dark and The Biscuit Tin by Nicola O’Byrne


How often children refuse to go to sleep when that time comes? How many more despise the dark? This book surely makes a perfect gift for them! The multi-award-winning illustrator of Open Very Carefully (2013) Nicola O’Byrne wrote and illustrated The Rabbit, The Dark and The Biscuit Tin, a book published by Nosy Crow in September 2018.

In this story, there is a clever rabbit that wasn’t at all tired playing and didn’t want to go to sleep. So, a bright idea popped into his head to find the Dark and lure it inside his biscuit tin .The Dark gets trapped inside the tin as it tried to reach for a biscuit. The Dark explains that many animals need it for survival as bats, owls and fox cubs but the Rabbit refuses to let the Dark out of the tin. The Rabbit then felt hungry but since he hadn’t slept he couldn’t have dinner and of course soon got all grumpy yet he  still didn’t let the Dark out.

“I’m sorry but I ‘m not tired and I don’t want to go to bed!” said Rabbit.”Now I can stay up all night long because it’s not dark”

“But many animals need me” said The Dark. […]

“I don’t care,”said Rabbit…

When the Rabbit got outside of the house, he saw his carrots wilting and bats and owls being sad. His garden was too hot, everything was too hot. He opened the tin carefully and the Dark got out. Dark can be good as it brings rest and also… bedtime stories! The Rabbit was fast asleep.

A lovely reading for children who may sometimes be reluctant to go to sleep, a fabulous lesson of empathy. The Rabbit first behaves in a selfish way as it is common for humans at a young age yet when he sees the pain and the impact his action have on other animals and to his carrots, he does develop a deep understanding and sensitivity. The character grows emotionally in the story and the reader can easily identify. It is recommended for children aged 3-6 but surely everyone will enjoy it.


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