Sophie Johnson: Unicorn Expert by Morag Hood


I let my Nutbrown Hare take a peek at our new book about Sophie Johnson: Unicorn Expert and she boldly grabbed him by the nose and dragged him inside the pages. Accidentally, the young heroine thought my Nutbrown Hare  was one of her toys and tied his ears up with a piece of wool yarn and ta-da here is another unicorn! She usually creates paper horns for her brother and pets or re-purposes some old toothbrushes and transforms her soft toys into magic unicorns.

Sophie Johnson: Unicorn Expert, which is written by Morag Hood, teaches her students-unicorns how to hunt food and protect themselves from dangerous balloons. Still, she remains totally oblivious when a real white unicorn with colourful mane enters her house and follows her. An amusing story about a girl boasting to know everything about unicorns but is not aware that a real one is so close to her! We enjoyed the story but the most notable thing here is the exceptional designs by Ella Okstad who employs vibrant colours and utterly happy illustrations that invite readers to a magic world.



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